About Solution Group

Solution Group srl is the division of software development of Computer Center Spa. Solution Group is specialized in developing web software, mobile software and in services of development, consulting, administration and monitoring for Microsoft platforms: SQL Server, Dynamic CRM, Sharepoint.

Solution Group srl was founded in 1999 by Maurizio Bigi, Mauro Marchesi, Roberto Fallavena and the Computer Center Group Spa.

The web at that time was booming and opened new opportunities. The software could be developed in a completely different way than before, becoming easily accessible to a much wider audience. A shaken the computer industry, and new spaces for those able to exploit and to propose, first, new solutions.

Software development is a blank page on which we can give shape to any idea or process. It `s an important investment, must be long lasting, it must be easy to use and should be introduced quickly.

To achieve these objectives we realize flexible programs that adapt to the variability of the business, we create interfaces: simple, fast and intuitive, requiring no training and which give the user a sense of pleasure and visual comfort.

We believe that any program can be achieved with creativity, innovation and a touch of design.

Web development

We outsource on web software: business, administrative and logistics processes. We create custom software to fill functional gaps in standard software products. We integrate on web processes: management systems, databases, and vertical applications.

Our web software have three characteristics:

Cutting-edge technology. The web evolves quickly and with it the technology that supports it. The search for new technologies, allows us to know all the opportunities available and to choose among these, those able to satisfy our customers.

Ease of use. An operating process of a company is never trivial, often it requires the selection of many forms and compiling a lot of information. We create interfaces that allow users to complete the process in a simple and natural way.

Design. We always have great respect for our users and we carefully consider their suggestions. Layout, fonts, colors, icons, buttons, badge and label are the tools with which we communicate every day, with them.

The software that we produce, are often operating for a long time. They are able to follow the organizational and business changes of the companies who order them, and those of information technology that supports them.

Mobile development

We realized, for over 10 years, app for the business sector. The first app was created in 2005 to manage a smartphone (then called Pocket PC) activities of our technicians. Since then we have created apps to manage: workflow, alerts, health services, validation processes, inventory, management and integrate them with corporate systems.

When we make an app we focus on three factors:

Transmission speed.. In a mobile app, the data flow, incoming and outgoing, not always, passes on a fast connection. We optimize the data transmission, to make it solid and reliable communications.

Operating speed.. When anyone uses an app can be in motion or being in an uncomfortable environment. The speed of use is a factor which facilitates the user. We realize our interfaces to allow the user to perform with a few 'clicks'.

Design. In our forms, there are no special effects, but sometimes in a 6-inch monitor will have to fill out the same fields that fill the screen of a 28 inch monitor. We achieve clear and fluid interfaces that facilitate the data entry.

In a few words, the user who uses our applications is working, so speed, simplicity and design are key factors. To achieve these goals and satisfy our users, we use cutting-edge technologies that allow us to optimize performance, and make the app simple and pleasant to use.

Microsoft platforms

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (.NET) is the framework that we use every day to make our software. Since the framework was extended by Microsoft to other household products, we have expanded our range, even at these products. Today we use .NET on these platforms that we follow:

Microsoft SQLServer. We realize projects of consolidation, migration, optimization and monitoring. With the services Analysis Services and Reporting Services we develop business intelligence solutions and data analysis for various sectors and sizes.

Microsoft Sharepoint We develop applications and customizations for processes such as: product creation, order flow, document logging and purchase requests.

Microsoft Exchange We develop add-in, services, and connectors to integrate e-mail, calendar, and resources with processes and customer software. Our products Meet Monitor and FastService exploit these connectors.

Microsoft Skype for Business We develop connectors that allow you to integrate chat services with web applications. Our chatbox software uses, in a standardized software package, this feature.

Our products

Some of the solutions that we realize
sometimes become products.

Fastservice is a software as a service (cloud) to manage the activities of: service companies, support services, help-desk and related businesses.

From the tool we use every day to manage our business, is born a product that meets the needs of different types of customers. Fastservice is a must have tool for companies that provide a service, but it is equally useful for a team to manage projects or for an IT department to provide assistance to its users.

Disappear paper forms, e-mails fall, and all data are registered and available in the system with one click.

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Meet Monitor is a digital signage software for managing and booking meeting rooms.

Meet Monitor enables, by a touch-screen monitor placed next to the room, the management and viewing of the room. With Meet Monitor the room can be booked directly from the monitor.

Meet Monitor also provides other features. it shall notify with voice messages the end of the meeting, or it enables the extension, or manages the automatic cancellation, when it is not confirmed the meeting.

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Chatbox is an add-on for Skype For Business websites. With chatbox, you add a chat to your web applications.

With Chatbox, companies that already use Skype For Business to manage chat within their organization, they can extend the service even outside of their domain.

With Chatbox, web visitors use chatbox to start the chat, and the company's staff use Skype for Business to respond. Chatbox is very simple to use, and you can install it in just a few minutes. Just copy the code and paste in your web application.

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Our team

Programmers are not all equal. Developing software requires, ability, knowledge, and experience. The capacity is shown at school. Knowledge is developed with a passion for the information. The experience takes time and we have it powered, through the implementation of several software for companies of different sectors and sizes.

Today the experience help us to make choices that distinguish us. The experience teaches us to apply working methods that produce results. The experience encourages us to use cutting-edge technologies. The experience helps us to understand what are, between new technologies, those who die and those that last.

The experience prompts us to modularize the process, even when not required, to reduce the re-engenering and the costs for the customer. The experience reminds us that it is important to realize fluid, simple and eye-catching interfaces; that make it pleasant, the use of the software to the user. Programmers are not all equal.